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Revelation Revealed is an intriguing study of many key teachings that the revelators enshrined in the fifth epochal revelation (July 17, 2016). By reflecting on concepts and methods analyzed in its 247 pages, readers can examine:

The general policy and practice governing the efforts of our spiritual superiors when they transmitted epochal revelation (topics 1 and 2);

Six key aspects of the teachings that pervade The Urantia Book (topics 8 through 12); and

Four fundamental characteristics of the Global Endeavor, an independent initiative intended to help promote the progressive growth and development of society and civilization (topics 3 through 6).

Readers can download the full text of Revelation Revealed from the website of the Committee for the Global Endeavor (http://www.globalendeavor.net/). In addition, readers can download a conceptual summary (five pages) that describes the dis­cussion document as a whole.

Each of the document’s analytical segments can serve as a scenario for intellectual and spiritual drama, the spirited exchanges of insight and inspiration that will almost invariably ensue when readers of The Urantia Book grapple with the pro­vocative, open-ended questions that the text contains. For example, the host and members of a study group could select several pages from one of the twelve topics, and then exchange opinions about them. Another possible approach would be to track through an entire topic, devoting as many meetings as this may require. In any case, the hosts and members of study groups are encouraged to sample Reve­lation Revealed as they think best.

The pioneers in these regards, however, were the experienced readers who exchanged opinions and insights during certain weekly broadcasts of the Internet radio program “Cosmic Citizen” — broadcasts devoted to examining and analyzing selected portions of Revelation Revealed. Although the cast of characters varied, all participants were veteran readers of The Urantia Book, including Bob Debold, Charles Olivea, Marvin Gawryn, Steven Hecht, Doreen Heyne, Katharina Becker, and André Radatus. Neal Waldrop sought to focus and steer the discussion while serving as the moderator. (Neal wrote Revelation Revealed and chairs the Committee for the Global Endeavor.)

These broadcasts on Internet radio were recorded, and readers of The Urantia Book can listen to or download the recordings. To play a recording online over the Inter­net, all you have to do is to click on the link containing the date of the broadcast that you desire to hear. In addition, you could download any or all of the recordings. If you wish to do that, place the mouse cursor over a particular link and right click. The menu appearing on the screen will enable you to download the file.

Part One

Epochal Revelation: Policy and Practice

Topic 1

The characteristic patterns of epochal revelation: comprehensive coverage (as in the first, second, and fifth epochal revelations) versus a dominant focus on spiritual and religious aspects (as in the third and fourth epochal revelations).




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July 1, 2017

Intro., 003-007



July 8, 2017




July 15, 2017




July 22, 2017




July 29, 2017




Aug. 5, 2017




Aug. 12, 2017




Aug. 12, 2017


Aug. 19, 2017





Topic 2

Why did the revelators bring forth the fifth epochal revelation during the first one-third of the 20th century? Do you believe that the timing of the revelation was influenced by one or more of the circumstances identified below? If so, please explain the relative significance and importance that you assign to each aspect.

a. The spiritual crisis: the fact that the true teachings of Jesus were in danger of being lost.

b. The religious crisis: the decline and relative decadence of organized, institutional religion, at least in many parts of the world with a traditional social and cultural background that was predominantly Christian.

c. The philosophic crisis: the intense threats stemming from secularism and materialism.

d. The political and military crisis: rampantly intolerant nationalism associated with immensely more destructive techniques of warfare.

e. The social and cultural crisis: the need for fundamental advances in many social and cultural dimensions, given the factors that a Melchizedek emphasizes in section 1 of Paper 99 (i.e., 1086:4-6 / 99:1.1-3).




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Aug. 26, 2017






The other questions analyzed in Revelation Revealed have not yet been discussed during broadcasts on Internet radio. Therefore the listings shown below are just background information, in the hope that some readers will decide to down­load the document from the website of the Committee for the Global Endeavor (http://www.globalendeavor.net/).




Part Two

The Global Endeavor: Four Key Characteristics

Topic 3

Avoiding any effort to evangelize, while nonetheless providing information about The Urantia Book upon request. Whether it is reasonable to infer that idealistic service and assistance will eventually cause some people to take an interest in the teachings, as the outcome of personal cooperation and natural curiosity.

Topic 4

The personal relationships that will link idealists, innovators, and reformers operating in society with the members and associates of the substantive working groups. The crucial requirement that the latter avoid any prominent public involvement in any specific initiative or cause.

Topic 5

Why regional associations are and must be the most important structural feature of the Global Endeavor. Why people living in one region will not tell people living in any other region what to do, whereas, on the other hand, it is very reasonable to believe that the members and associates of a substantive working group will benefit very substantially from exchanging ideas and experience with their counterparts in other regions. Why these spontaneous and voluntary efforts to cooperate and coordinate will eventually produce a tremendous value added, immense benefits contributing to the progressive growth and development of human society on a global basis.

Topic 6

The path leading to the founding convention when the Global Endeavor will actually come to life.


Part Three

The Fifth Epochal Revelation: Six Key Aspects

Topic 7

The extended transition from institutional to personal religion.

Topic 8

Comparing and contrasting the true teachings of Jesus with the traditional tenets and practices of organized, institutional Christianity.

Topic 9

Comparing and contrasting the ministry of the guardian seraphim and the work of the master seraphim.

Topic 10

Dangers to the home and to family life that stem from the rising tide of self-gratification.

Topic 11

The ongoing evolution of the human mind as a crucial contribution to more advanced levels of society and civilization on our planet Urantia.

Topic 12

Promoting understanding of, loyalty to, and active cooperation with God immanent, especially via our close association with God the Mother, the Supreme Being.


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